Open Source Software Packages

Selected packages: GCC, BASH


Testing patches for submission: 

changes to backend or c/c++ frontend – complete build of GCC and runtime libraries on at least one target. complete bootstrap on all default languages and run all testsuites. (make bootstrap; make -k check; will accomplish this)

changes to front end – perform complete bootstrap.

test exactly the change that is intended for submission

Submitting patches:

  • Description of problem/bug and how patch addresses this
  • Testcases
  • ChangeLog
  • Bootstrapping and testing
  • the patch itself

bundled into mail message and sent to appropriate mailing list(s)

GCC 6 Release Series (6.2) Patch

Participants and role

Problem Report and users involved listed here ->

issues discussed (and resolved)

aside from problem report above, specific targeted issues:

  • Support for –with-cpu-32 and –with-cpu-64 configure options have been added on bi-architecture platforms
  • Support for the SPARC M7(Niagara 7) processor has been added.
  • Support for the VIS 4.0 instruction set has been added



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